Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Knotted Up

As you all know, I'm a bit of a fan of Kinbaku Style Shibari. Chains can be fun, but binding someone in ropes has a wonderful degree of artistic talent and beauty to it. I was telling my new maid trainee Soren about some of the methods I use to enforce more submissive nature, and that I was going to show him the ropes. (Pardon the pun.)

I had the boy get dressed in some pretty red lingerie, and before we started I had him bend over the couch so I could insert one of those Xcite vibrating plugs. Then I quickly began to tie some black nylon ropes making a very affective shibari harness. Bringing him over to my coffee table I quickly and effeciently bound his elbows behind his back tightly together and then ran the ropes from his wrists through his harness so his arms were completely neutralized. From there I Bent him backwards on his knees and from there I moved the ties from the ankles up the ties on his elbows, effectivly pinning him to my coffee table.

Obviously this is a very uncomfortably way to stay for a few minutes, let alone the 24 hours I left him there. So to make the time go a little more amusingly for him, I dropped a little blue pill in his mouth and then placed a gag overtop of that. I fired up his vibrator and called it a night.

The poor boy was totally spent the following morning, but if 24 hours of bondage is tiring with me? He's in for some trouble.


But thats not my problem, now is it?

Mistress Graves

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everything seems to be okay again.... :)

It's been a quite a long time since I have had some postitive things to post about. It has been a tireing and trying past two months but everything seems to be getting more on the up and up. And since I'm feeling a bit better about things, I can start writing again.

As you can see from the image above, my family is back together. Ashe, who had vanished for well over 2 months has finally returned to SL and I was just so happy to see him back I couldn't be mad at him for not telling me where he was. His new schedule only really allows us only about an hour to be together. but we'll have more time when he hits winter break. Its just comforting to know that he is ok.

In Addition to Ashe coming home, Maxie and Nolan both returned to SL as well from work, illness and other various reasons. Nolan I'm sure you all know about, and at the time of this, was undergoing some enchanced femininity training in the form of only being allowed to wear the frilliest and girliest dresses we could find, and we are restarting his maid training.

Maxie you people may not know about. Maximor was a sub I collared a long way back. It was sort of a convinence thing as I was rounding up slaves and he wanted to be owned by me. We never played all that often but he was usually just happy to be by me so I complied with that. I'm making a bit more of an effort to scene with him as well. He's a bit of a minx, so I am thinking for his deal, he's only gonna be allowed to wear the sluttiest of threads. Mini skirts, form fitting dresses, and lots of exposed skin. Should be very entertaining.

And as an icing on the cake, Reanne seems to be returning to form with me as well. Ever since that big meltdown, I've been trying to repair all of my relationships with everyone, and for the most part, I had done so. The only one who continued to distance themself from me was my First and Head Maid Reanne. The only sub to have stuck with me as long as Ashe, I was beginning to accept that she was only going to be a friend and never my sub again. But then suddenly, his demure nature has returned and he's much more willing to submit again. I'm not complaining about it, I'm just happy to see things go back to form.

Some of you might be noticing that Extra Face below all the girls and Me in the Picture above. This is my new Sissymaid Trainee, Soren. This little doll approached me at the FFU while relaxing with my girls in the zen lounge. Apparently I bit her head off last time we spoke (totally something I would do, cuz I'm a rotten bitch.) The boy kept saying he wanted more structure to his submission and felt that being a maid would give him that. He knew it was merely a training scenario and not a collaring, so after a bit of an interview I accepted. He's been our live in maid for about 2 months now and he is a very very adept maid. Although like all maids I train, now he's petitioning to be owned by me as well.

Things are finally looking up again. And I've actually been doing scenes again. so that means I'm writing again. And that means you loyalists who've continued to check this will have things to see again. Thank you so much.

Mistress Graves

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gone Missing

I know I said I wasn't dead. But frankly I haven't been motivated to mistress lately. As those in my circle know, My femboy husband Ashe had his video card crap out on him almost a month ago. He had been complaining about it for weeks. In addition to this, i know he was focusing really his school as well, which is admirable.

But the bottom line is I miss him very, very much. He was the main reason for me to log into second life even if i didn't play the mistress. he was fun to just be with, even if we weren't talking.

I'm starting to fear that I might never see him again, as its been almost a month with no contact at all.

If you happen to read this Ashe, I miss you and will continue to wait for your return...

Your loving wife,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not dead yet

Hey followers.

Just letting everyone know that I'm still here. I haven't had much to write about these days, and between both jobs and General depression, ive struggled to motivate myself to have anything to write about. I have a small blog in the works but i haven't had the time to post it. I have a Day off coming up and hopefully will get something up.

Mistress Graves

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting back into things.

Hello Pets. Been a few weeks since I have really had a meaningful post so I wanted to give you all and update on some of the things I have been doing.

As you can tell, I've been not in the highest of spirits as per usual. Its a fairly sorted affair with a Good Friend, A confused Husband, and flighty sub. I situation where I was hurt, Getting hurt, and hurting others. Its caused me alot of pain and I've reached a breaking point and am trying to seek out actual professional help, and talk things out more. And it has been helping. Alot of little problems have been rearing its head as well, but those are getting worked on as well. now then, on to some of the things we have been doing:

Ashe purchases and U-know table for our home. which basically is a SL translation for Uno. weve had some people over a few times and its alot of fun to play. We like to play it on sundays. I've always enjoyed having guests and Mine and Ashe's private place, and this seems like a good opportunity to do so.

Many of you have heard me refer to a friend named Nolan in some of my past blog posts. Well, after almost an entire year of dancing around the issue and a series of long miscommunications, Nolan has offically become one of my collared slaves. I am a giving him the feminization that he never recieved in SL, and in return he was shown be a limitless loyalty, since even before I collared him. He has been loads of fun to play with and has been sending me constant messages letting me know how happy he was to finally be owned by me. It really was a help to my motivation and Ego.

Now we come to my more Recent project. Shortly after I collar Nolan, I am sitting at the FFU just lounging around as I so often do, and I get this very flattering IM about how beautiful I look. It was from a Gentlemen named Ronin, he looked like he just came off the the beach: Khaki shorts, under armor shirt, and some wet dry sneakers. Ive heard the "What is this place" Angle at the FFU before. But this one was different. He didn't know alot of the terms I was using. This was a legitamet feminization cherry.. So I flip on the mistress switch and go on and on about what it is that I enjoy and what it is that I do. I explain that every man in the world, either for gratifaction or Curiousity wants to wear a french maid dress at least once in his life, and what a wonderful experience it is for them to have. He stands up and scoffs at me, telling me how he'd never enjoy something of that nature and that it was sick. and he leaves the FFU.

A few hours later, he realizes some of the words I said stick with him... as they always do. So I very nicely ask him to just try some things for me. Had him slide on some stockings and panties... teased his legs and asked him if they felt good. He said they did feel very good.. and from that point, to qoute one Dave Chapelle: "Gotcha bitch!" we swing over to No.9 nylons and have him pick up some shimmery pantyhose and a cute lingerie set. I have him slip on his frilly pink lingerie and tease his stocking legs. He admits to me how shocked at how hard he was getting, so I wrap my arms around him and pull his hand to his panty bulge and have him stroke himself through his new panties. How quickly he creamed his new frillies! I instructed the boy that he was not to remove his new underthings and that he could wear his pants and shirt but he had to keep the heels on.

He was so paniced as I instructed him to do some more girly shopping, feeling every set of eyes on him. A few days later I had him sit on on a scene between Ashe and Nolan, as i thought he could use some help with his RP, but my interest in the boy was starting to fade.... That was until I had nolan help me make him over and get him pretty looking. After that I placed him on the FFU high heel walker, where he displayed incredible promise as a sub and some great rp ability. He also passed the Dildo test. Most subs just jump on the prong and move to the heel walking. He whined about having to do so, and struggled to press himself onto the dildo. We had a semi short RP session because nolan couldn't control himself, and they both ended up creaming themselves as they walked.

Rena, As Ronin is now called, has been making immense progress, he is acting and moving more girly, he is been restricted to nothing but female clothing, actually made a few bucks at the dancepole at the FFU, had a little practice in learning how to suck. We have purchased his maid uniform and started both his and Nolan's corset training. Soon we will be starting to alter his body.

I think Mistress Graves might finally be coming back.

Mistress Graves

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ever do something stupid then immediatly regret doing it? I did just the other day.. Emotions are a funny thing. They are powerful things created by ones own mind, they come to dictate the personality that defines you as a person and gives a specific image that people can identify you. But most ironic and confusing to me, that even the smartest of people can make the poorest of decisions when influenced by a strong emotion.

That means dumbasses like me are fucked.

Real Life or Second Life.... I often find myself questioning everything I do.. I never trust my gut instincts, and I consider myself to be hated by everyone that hasn't convinced me otherwise... And even in most cases i still think they do after they have gone out of the way to show me that they are my friend. I often cite a quote from scrubs: "Nothing sucks worse than feeling all alone, Even when theres lots of people around." But really? I have no call to say anything of that nature. the qoute is true, but when you loneliness is self imposed, and you become such an emotional trainwreck that you destroy every relationship you have built, do you really merit the pity spitting some line of crap like this is supposed to induce?

Fuck no.

There really is no point to this blog post. No rhyme or reason. its just a collective dumping of some of the thoughts in my head. Lately I've felt like a prisoner to my own emotions and character flaws. And even though I have many people that are "here for me" I don't feel like I have anyone to vent to. So I do it here. Not like anyone reads this drivel anyways. I just don't feel its fair to dump my shit on any of my friends. They claim they are there to help, but its an abuse of their friendships, and I'm personally convinced that they don't want to do it. Especially when it comes to me, and I don't blame them.. I really should just shut up when shit bothers me. No good ever comes of venting anyways...

yeesh, Im a 13 year old emo kid....

Mistress Graves

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the Hell?

I'm browsing my own blog (cuz I'm a vain Asshole, sue me.) and I'm listening to my playlist, cuz i love these songs.

I blogged about that Otep song because I feel I relate to it. But the one on my playlist has differnt lines. Totally threw me off!

So ive found out the governer of my state is trying to cut library funding for the entire state in half. And as someone who works in a library, this is a heap'n help'n of son of a fuck. he's trying to rush the bill.. people all over my state is trying to rally to stop it... but come two weeks, i might lose a job that i really enjoy...

so ive had another set of incidents, im turning into quite the unlikeable bitch amongst my friends. Ive been trying to repair damage ive done in the past six months among my circle of friends here in SL.. but the damage seems really bad in some cases... its kinda deflating.. Just gotta keep trying so i dont lose what i have.

If you didn't notice, i threw in a random comment box to the side there. so i'd love for you people to use it. Comments are what really help motivate me to write on this more. lets me know people are actuallty out there.

Mistress Graves

Edit 20 seconds after: What the fuck? this isn't the same track on The Tsunami Bomb Cd i have! have they gotten back together or something?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new colt gets her legs

So an old prospect of mine has returned to SL.

Her name is Kristy. I met her when she was still just a regular old male.. At the time I didn’t collar easy and I introduced him to the wonderful world of being a sissy. He was instantly hooked and wore nothing but girly clothing. I was getting interested in him, but I found out that while I was not with him shortly after I met him, he met another mistress and got married.. I considered it a lost opportunity.

In any case. They both left second life, and Kristy came back. So she’s been hanging around the estate enjoying her freedom, and we got into the discussion of pony girls. We gave he an explanation and then I think Nolan gave her a free kit to try it with. I taught the cutie some of the basics on what a pony girl does and what she should know. I’m not an active pony player, but still, I have had the urge to at least try it.

After testing it out a bit, we took her to a pony far and tried to have her give me a tour. Sadly her Internet was acting up and tour was very short lived. Still, defiantly something I might try to do again., (in fact, I did with her femboy boyfriend Roz).

Mistress Graves.

Be careful in Dark Alleys

So I actually scened the other night.

I just love Ashe in this outfit and setup. Still his very boyish haircut. Not enough makeup to look excessively female. But dressed in just enough causal fem to be pretty, but showing just enough leg to drive men wild… Or in this case, me.

We were just talking as we normally do and I just couldn’t get over how he looked.. I started to plot and plan.. And an evil smile curled over my lips… I quickly vanishes away and Tp’d over to dark alley and started exploring… once I found a good spot.. I brought Ashe over… He looked around, and immediately sensed something wasn’t right. I quickly pinned him against the dumpster and began to tease and insult him.. How such a pretty sissy shouldn't’t be all alone in a place like this at this time of night.. Lightly fingering him as I shoved a crumpled ten into his coat pocket and told him that would be enough for a cheap fag whore like he was. I shove him to his knees and unzip my pants and show him Ive had my strap-on hidden. So there he is, on his knees in a filthy alley sucking away at my plastic cock.. He was red in the face and humiliated, but things got worse..

What appeared to be pair of aristocrats walked by, and the male looks at Ashe, on his knees sucking away when he say’s to his female cohort in utter disgust “Ugh, its humiliating to see what weaklings some men can be. What a sissy, he’s getting what he deserves..” That just amused me to no end, I yanked ashe back up to his feet by his hair and bend his ass over the dumpster, and forcefully fuck him up his ass. Laughing and teasing about what a asswhore he was and what a sissy fag he is… I just reamed him until he creamed his panties.

I never play the mean mistress, but I was just hooked. I collar and leash him and drag him down into the subway, and after a bit of wandering in the sewers I find a throne similar to mine.. I let the sissy boy have all the fun so I drop my pants and make him have a little use out of his tongue. I have my fun and have him bring me to orgasm before I shove him deeper into the sewers and went home…

A short scene.. But loads of fun.
Mistress Graves

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Partying with Mah bestest friend ever.

Hello Kats. I'd like you to meet my best friend in all of Second Life.

This is Mistress Dagger. Some of you might know her from her adventures in Memoirs of a Second Life Slut. I met her a ways back at the FFU through a slave that was annoying me that ended up being hers. We chatted a bit and hit it off immediately. She's a Blast to be around, she's a fantastic feminizer, and is the most wonderful friend I've ever had in SL. She has been so wonderful to me and my subs that she, god bless her, was wonderful enough to conduct Mine and Ashe's wedding. Although we don't talk as much as we used to, I still consider her my best friend in SL. Period.

Well Tonight she opened up this Establishment:

This is the SPCA: the Slave Protection Center of adoption. Mistress Dagger, always the caring soul states "The Slave Protection Center of Adoption seeks to protect and promote the welfare of all slaves and submissives, alleviate the pain and suffering of any abused, neglected, mistreated or abandoned slaves." A wonderful idea since so many subs outnumber the Dommes in SL it seems.

She has had her grand opening today and she invited us to join into the fun. Just below the FFU. its a cosy little place to dance, relax, and play some games. A place for subs to feel safe and relax. I gotta keep a tighter eye on my girls so they don't dash here. We came down and danced to some great tunes and had a wonderful time dancing and laughing. I wish her to have nothing but success with this endeavor.

Me and Dags just tearin up the dance floor. Spicy Latina Vixen she is.

Just having a great time!

Now some negativity: Fuck you Orlando Magic. Way to go cavs. You again managed to spoil a fantastic season and what seemed to be a great chance at an NBA title. God I hate being a Cleveland sports fan.

now to re-lighten the mood a bit. Here's some pictures that Ashe Hates. Him getting spanked in a Diaper. Enjoy!

Bet he forgot about this one.. >:)

Mistress Graves

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awww, Pwaying wid a widdle cwutie...

So I was hanging out at the FFU when i started to see this little peach hanging around the estate...

This little sissy had a very amusing story. Like most boys living with sisters, they had the urge. According to him he got curious one day and decided to try on his sisters schoolgirl skirt, while he was investigating it her stand up mirror guess who strolls in? Apparently his sister got such a huge laugh, she had to call all her friends and tell them what a sissy her brother was. After a few calls they decided to have a little dress up party with him as the star. Poor dear turned white in the face when he realized they were hosting it at a crush of his home. Some girl name Katie. Anyways, I guess the teasing went all night. So many feminization cases start this way.

So I'm hangin out with Nolan at the FFU, and I see our little friend being teased by Gina and her crew. They all disperse to go dancing, and this poor sissy slides over to mingle with our group. She was in delightfully sissy pastel yellow dress with long white tights. She looked like she was getting ready for Sunday school. We teased and teased, she gets so worked up, it was hysterical. But then she said something that really caught my interest. "I'm not wearing this because I want to! It was given to me as a gift! I'm only wearing it to not be rude!" Now this was an interesting concept, and I felt it would be best to test it out. So I ran out for a moment and bought the sweetie some padded undergarments. I don't know why, but I love to see a sissy humiliated in a diaper. She was not happy about having to wear it, so to make sure she did, I wrote my initials on the tabs. So I would know if she cheated.

Fast forward a few days. I'm feeling very depressed, I'm just hanging out on the roof of the FFU prison when she creeps back in and says hello, and that she's glad I'm not here. Using perv cam I spy that she was cheat'n and told her that I spied a cheater. Immediately he starts to panic so we force the diaper back on him and i sit with Nolan and we start to discuss what to do with him as he knelt. I quickly make him swallow a tiny pill that will help get his urinary flow going. Nolan and I are joking and laughing about what were going to do to him, what he's gonna wear, what we'll call him, if we'll hypnotise him, and as we do more and more people start to show up and throw their two cents in. The poor baby's mind what awhirl with what was happening so i gave her a little teddie to calm her down. She begged and pleaded she would be good that she didn't need to be a baby. But for some reason, she just couldn't stop clutching the teddie. Then the regular crew and Mistress Coakes and her posse showed up, then the verbal bashings really began. She started to lose control and plead and cry, Ultimately leading to wetting herself. We hired ourselves a nanny to change her and put her to bed.

The following day she tried to defend herself again and we with the use of some drugs we reduced her to baby talk. We restrained her and set her down for a little relaxation in one of the hypno machines. I look forward to play with this one.