Saturday, May 30, 2009

Partying with Mah bestest friend ever.

Hello Kats. I'd like you to meet my best friend in all of Second Life.

This is Mistress Dagger. Some of you might know her from her adventures in Memoirs of a Second Life Slut. I met her a ways back at the FFU through a slave that was annoying me that ended up being hers. We chatted a bit and hit it off immediately. She's a Blast to be around, she's a fantastic feminizer, and is the most wonderful friend I've ever had in SL. She has been so wonderful to me and my subs that she, god bless her, was wonderful enough to conduct Mine and Ashe's wedding. Although we don't talk as much as we used to, I still consider her my best friend in SL. Period.

Well Tonight she opened up this Establishment:

This is the SPCA: the Slave Protection Center of adoption. Mistress Dagger, always the caring soul states "The Slave Protection Center of Adoption seeks to protect and promote the welfare of all slaves and submissives, alleviate the pain and suffering of any abused, neglected, mistreated or abandoned slaves." A wonderful idea since so many subs outnumber the Dommes in SL it seems.

She has had her grand opening today and she invited us to join into the fun. Just below the FFU. its a cosy little place to dance, relax, and play some games. A place for subs to feel safe and relax. I gotta keep a tighter eye on my girls so they don't dash here. We came down and danced to some great tunes and had a wonderful time dancing and laughing. I wish her to have nothing but success with this endeavor.

Me and Dags just tearin up the dance floor. Spicy Latina Vixen she is.

Just having a great time!

Now some negativity: Fuck you Orlando Magic. Way to go cavs. You again managed to spoil a fantastic season and what seemed to be a great chance at an NBA title. God I hate being a Cleveland sports fan.

now to re-lighten the mood a bit. Here's some pictures that Ashe Hates. Him getting spanked in a Diaper. Enjoy!

Bet he forgot about this one.. >:)

Mistress Graves


  1. Thank you so much for attending, you and all of yours, we had a lot of fun.

    Oh, and I think ashe looks just A-DORE-A-BLE in those diapers!

  2. Looks like an awesome place! I hope its not vacant as every place in sl ive been so far... Although these posts are three years old, I was hoping that you would all still be around. I am so lost in sl and looking for friends. I'm considering quitting at this time, but maybe there is hope...

  3. A handful of the placed mentioned in this blog sadly are now vacant plots, but that is not reason to give up, Jeremy. The FFU is still around and there are plenty of other sims where you can flex out your sissy side. The only tips I can offer you are these.

    1.) Spend a little time working on your male self. If you look like you just picked from the library of noobie stuff, you probably wont get the time of day.

    2.) Chances are unless your story is really clever, dommes have heard it all before. Its much easier to just be yourself and have a conversation with people. Nobody believes "A friend TPd you here" or "you accidentally found" a place

    3.) Honestly with the friend thing, you just gotta let it happen. I wasn't good with making friends either with my first avi too. It wasn't till I started kinking out with Cohen and hanging around the same places that people started to recognize me. (I had a HORRIBLE looking avi too.)

    try not to get discouraged, SL is hard for subs out there. There are way more submissives than there are Dominants. But I've found that BDSM isn't much different than dating. Sometimes people click. Sometimes they dont. Hang in there, Kid.