Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just a night at home.

I know I haven't posted much. Bit of a dry spell.

I have this Friend, I won't user his full name, but he tended to be a bit cockshy. So to make him a bit more lax in it, I dared him to spend 2 weeks as a femboy. As it turned out he loved the new him and he has remained as such.

I have been training him as a maid at the FFU and I had Daisy, as he is now known, come over to my home with Maxie to work on my windows and floors. They started off all right but I heard a bit of commotion in the kitchen as they were working on the floors and I walked in to them flinging their brushes at each other, I removed their skirts and panties and and gave them a few swift swats and made them complete their work without them. I had them draw me a bath and called it a night. Sometimes its nice to just have your maids work for you.

Mistress Graves.