Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new colt gets her legs

So an old prospect of mine has returned to SL.

Her name is Kristy. I met her when she was still just a regular old male.. At the time I didn’t collar easy and I introduced him to the wonderful world of being a sissy. He was instantly hooked and wore nothing but girly clothing. I was getting interested in him, but I found out that while I was not with him shortly after I met him, he met another mistress and got married.. I considered it a lost opportunity.

In any case. They both left second life, and Kristy came back. So she’s been hanging around the estate enjoying her freedom, and we got into the discussion of pony girls. We gave he an explanation and then I think Nolan gave her a free kit to try it with. I taught the cutie some of the basics on what a pony girl does and what she should know. I’m not an active pony player, but still, I have had the urge to at least try it.

After testing it out a bit, we took her to a pony far and tried to have her give me a tour. Sadly her Internet was acting up and tour was very short lived. Still, defiantly something I might try to do again., (in fact, I did with her femboy boyfriend Roz).

Mistress Graves.

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  1. Nice! Sounds like something i would like to try too!