Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting back into things.

Hello Pets. Been a few weeks since I have really had a meaningful post so I wanted to give you all and update on some of the things I have been doing.

As you can tell, I've been not in the highest of spirits as per usual. Its a fairly sorted affair with a Good Friend, A confused Husband, and flighty sub. I situation where I was hurt, Getting hurt, and hurting others. Its caused me alot of pain and I've reached a breaking point and am trying to seek out actual professional help, and talk things out more. And it has been helping. Alot of little problems have been rearing its head as well, but those are getting worked on as well. now then, on to some of the things we have been doing:

Ashe purchases and U-know table for our home. which basically is a SL translation for Uno. weve had some people over a few times and its alot of fun to play. We like to play it on sundays. I've always enjoyed having guests and Mine and Ashe's private place, and this seems like a good opportunity to do so.

Many of you have heard me refer to a friend named Nolan in some of my past blog posts. Well, after almost an entire year of dancing around the issue and a series of long miscommunications, Nolan has offically become one of my collared slaves. I am a giving him the feminization that he never recieved in SL, and in return he was shown be a limitless loyalty, since even before I collared him. He has been loads of fun to play with and has been sending me constant messages letting me know how happy he was to finally be owned by me. It really was a help to my motivation and Ego.

Now we come to my more Recent project. Shortly after I collar Nolan, I am sitting at the FFU just lounging around as I so often do, and I get this very flattering IM about how beautiful I look. It was from a Gentlemen named Ronin, he looked like he just came off the the beach: Khaki shorts, under armor shirt, and some wet dry sneakers. Ive heard the "What is this place" Angle at the FFU before. But this one was different. He didn't know alot of the terms I was using. This was a legitamet feminization cherry.. So I flip on the mistress switch and go on and on about what it is that I enjoy and what it is that I do. I explain that every man in the world, either for gratifaction or Curiousity wants to wear a french maid dress at least once in his life, and what a wonderful experience it is for them to have. He stands up and scoffs at me, telling me how he'd never enjoy something of that nature and that it was sick. and he leaves the FFU.

A few hours later, he realizes some of the words I said stick with him... as they always do. So I very nicely ask him to just try some things for me. Had him slide on some stockings and panties... teased his legs and asked him if they felt good. He said they did feel very good.. and from that point, to qoute one Dave Chapelle: "Gotcha bitch!" we swing over to No.9 nylons and have him pick up some shimmery pantyhose and a cute lingerie set. I have him slip on his frilly pink lingerie and tease his stocking legs. He admits to me how shocked at how hard he was getting, so I wrap my arms around him and pull his hand to his panty bulge and have him stroke himself through his new panties. How quickly he creamed his new frillies! I instructed the boy that he was not to remove his new underthings and that he could wear his pants and shirt but he had to keep the heels on.

He was so paniced as I instructed him to do some more girly shopping, feeling every set of eyes on him. A few days later I had him sit on on a scene between Ashe and Nolan, as i thought he could use some help with his RP, but my interest in the boy was starting to fade.... That was until I had nolan help me make him over and get him pretty looking. After that I placed him on the FFU high heel walker, where he displayed incredible promise as a sub and some great rp ability. He also passed the Dildo test. Most subs just jump on the prong and move to the heel walking. He whined about having to do so, and struggled to press himself onto the dildo. We had a semi short RP session because nolan couldn't control himself, and they both ended up creaming themselves as they walked.

Rena, As Ronin is now called, has been making immense progress, he is acting and moving more girly, he is been restricted to nothing but female clothing, actually made a few bucks at the dancepole at the FFU, had a little practice in learning how to suck. We have purchased his maid uniform and started both his and Nolan's corset training. Soon we will be starting to alter his body.

I think Mistress Graves might finally be coming back.

Mistress Graves


  1. it is always a pleasure to read your wonderful stories.

  2. Oh wow so hot!! Glad i don't have to stand now!