Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awww, Pwaying wid a widdle cwutie...

So I was hanging out at the FFU when i started to see this little peach hanging around the estate...

This little sissy had a very amusing story. Like most boys living with sisters, they had the urge. According to him he got curious one day and decided to try on his sisters schoolgirl skirt, while he was investigating it her stand up mirror guess who strolls in? Apparently his sister got such a huge laugh, she had to call all her friends and tell them what a sissy her brother was. After a few calls they decided to have a little dress up party with him as the star. Poor dear turned white in the face when he realized they were hosting it at a crush of his home. Some girl name Katie. Anyways, I guess the teasing went all night. So many feminization cases start this way.

So I'm hangin out with Nolan at the FFU, and I see our little friend being teased by Gina and her crew. They all disperse to go dancing, and this poor sissy slides over to mingle with our group. She was in delightfully sissy pastel yellow dress with long white tights. She looked like she was getting ready for Sunday school. We teased and teased, she gets so worked up, it was hysterical. But then she said something that really caught my interest. "I'm not wearing this because I want to! It was given to me as a gift! I'm only wearing it to not be rude!" Now this was an interesting concept, and I felt it would be best to test it out. So I ran out for a moment and bought the sweetie some padded undergarments. I don't know why, but I love to see a sissy humiliated in a diaper. She was not happy about having to wear it, so to make sure she did, I wrote my initials on the tabs. So I would know if she cheated.

Fast forward a few days. I'm feeling very depressed, I'm just hanging out on the roof of the FFU prison when she creeps back in and says hello, and that she's glad I'm not here. Using perv cam I spy that she was cheat'n and told her that I spied a cheater. Immediately he starts to panic so we force the diaper back on him and i sit with Nolan and we start to discuss what to do with him as he knelt. I quickly make him swallow a tiny pill that will help get his urinary flow going. Nolan and I are joking and laughing about what were going to do to him, what he's gonna wear, what we'll call him, if we'll hypnotise him, and as we do more and more people start to show up and throw their two cents in. The poor baby's mind what awhirl with what was happening so i gave her a little teddie to calm her down. She begged and pleaded she would be good that she didn't need to be a baby. But for some reason, she just couldn't stop clutching the teddie. Then the regular crew and Mistress Coakes and her posse showed up, then the verbal bashings really began. She started to lose control and plead and cry, Ultimately leading to wetting herself. We hired ourselves a nanny to change her and put her to bed.

The following day she tried to defend herself again and we with the use of some drugs we reduced her to baby talk. We restrained her and set her down for a little relaxation in one of the hypno machines. I look forward to play with this one.


  1. Wow I had no idea Second Life was depth. I played for like a week and got bored. Wish I had known ^_^

  2. Never to late to come back and join the fun!

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  4. Hello Miss. I have been looking for this since starting in SL. I am a sissy with a female AV. I love to be diapered and baby'd. Please add me to your friends, my name in SL is babycarly Twist. Help me to experience what this lucky gurl did. Please let me know if you can do this for me.

  5. Jeremy; jremy314@yahoo.comJanuary 21, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Nice one! She looks soooo cute with the butterfly gag. I love her story too, I fantasize about that happening to me. Mistress, You are awesome!