Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everything seems to be okay again.... :)

It's been a quite a long time since I have had some postitive things to post about. It has been a tireing and trying past two months but everything seems to be getting more on the up and up. And since I'm feeling a bit better about things, I can start writing again.

As you can see from the image above, my family is back together. Ashe, who had vanished for well over 2 months has finally returned to SL and I was just so happy to see him back I couldn't be mad at him for not telling me where he was. His new schedule only really allows us only about an hour to be together. but we'll have more time when he hits winter break. Its just comforting to know that he is ok.

In Addition to Ashe coming home, Maxie and Nolan both returned to SL as well from work, illness and other various reasons. Nolan I'm sure you all know about, and at the time of this, was undergoing some enchanced femininity training in the form of only being allowed to wear the frilliest and girliest dresses we could find, and we are restarting his maid training.

Maxie you people may not know about. Maximor was a sub I collared a long way back. It was sort of a convinence thing as I was rounding up slaves and he wanted to be owned by me. We never played all that often but he was usually just happy to be by me so I complied with that. I'm making a bit more of an effort to scene with him as well. He's a bit of a minx, so I am thinking for his deal, he's only gonna be allowed to wear the sluttiest of threads. Mini skirts, form fitting dresses, and lots of exposed skin. Should be very entertaining.

And as an icing on the cake, Reanne seems to be returning to form with me as well. Ever since that big meltdown, I've been trying to repair all of my relationships with everyone, and for the most part, I had done so. The only one who continued to distance themself from me was my First and Head Maid Reanne. The only sub to have stuck with me as long as Ashe, I was beginning to accept that she was only going to be a friend and never my sub again. But then suddenly, his demure nature has returned and he's much more willing to submit again. I'm not complaining about it, I'm just happy to see things go back to form.

Some of you might be noticing that Extra Face below all the girls and Me in the Picture above. This is my new Sissymaid Trainee, Soren. This little doll approached me at the FFU while relaxing with my girls in the zen lounge. Apparently I bit her head off last time we spoke (totally something I would do, cuz I'm a rotten bitch.) The boy kept saying he wanted more structure to his submission and felt that being a maid would give him that. He knew it was merely a training scenario and not a collaring, so after a bit of an interview I accepted. He's been our live in maid for about 2 months now and he is a very very adept maid. Although like all maids I train, now he's petitioning to be owned by me as well.

Things are finally looking up again. And I've actually been doing scenes again. so that means I'm writing again. And that means you loyalists who've continued to check this will have things to see again. Thank you so much.

Mistress Graves


  1. So, are you all men in real life????????

  2. As far as I am am aware Anonymous. I am the only GG in the group. But thats whats nice about SL. It gives them a chance to flex their girlier side without any kind of ridicule of public humilation. You should fire it up sometime. ;)

  3. Have You thought about writing sissy maid erotic fiction books in RL? i would buy them!