Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the Hell?

I'm browsing my own blog (cuz I'm a vain Asshole, sue me.) and I'm listening to my playlist, cuz i love these songs.

I blogged about that Otep song because I feel I relate to it. But the one on my playlist has differnt lines. Totally threw me off!

So ive found out the governer of my state is trying to cut library funding for the entire state in half. And as someone who works in a library, this is a heap'n help'n of son of a fuck. he's trying to rush the bill.. people all over my state is trying to rally to stop it... but come two weeks, i might lose a job that i really enjoy...

so ive had another set of incidents, im turning into quite the unlikeable bitch amongst my friends. Ive been trying to repair damage ive done in the past six months among my circle of friends here in SL.. but the damage seems really bad in some cases... its kinda deflating.. Just gotta keep trying so i dont lose what i have.

If you didn't notice, i threw in a random comment box to the side there. so i'd love for you people to use it. Comments are what really help motivate me to write on this more. lets me know people are actuallty out there.

Mistress Graves

Edit 20 seconds after: What the fuck? this isn't the same track on The Tsunami Bomb Cd i have! have they gotten back together or something?


  1. HEY! Get off your ass and come over and gimme a hard time sometime Cohen. - I got a giant bottle of vodka one of the slave's was hiding.

  2. Wow Mistress. i wish i was there to rub Your feet.