Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ever do something stupid then immediatly regret doing it? I did just the other day.. Emotions are a funny thing. They are powerful things created by ones own mind, they come to dictate the personality that defines you as a person and gives a specific image that people can identify you. But most ironic and confusing to me, that even the smartest of people can make the poorest of decisions when influenced by a strong emotion.

That means dumbasses like me are fucked.

Real Life or Second Life.... I often find myself questioning everything I do.. I never trust my gut instincts, and I consider myself to be hated by everyone that hasn't convinced me otherwise... And even in most cases i still think they do after they have gone out of the way to show me that they are my friend. I often cite a quote from scrubs: "Nothing sucks worse than feeling all alone, Even when theres lots of people around." But really? I have no call to say anything of that nature. the qoute is true, but when you loneliness is self imposed, and you become such an emotional trainwreck that you destroy every relationship you have built, do you really merit the pity spitting some line of crap like this is supposed to induce?

Fuck no.

There really is no point to this blog post. No rhyme or reason. its just a collective dumping of some of the thoughts in my head. Lately I've felt like a prisoner to my own emotions and character flaws. And even though I have many people that are "here for me" I don't feel like I have anyone to vent to. So I do it here. Not like anyone reads this drivel anyways. I just don't feel its fair to dump my shit on any of my friends. They claim they are there to help, but its an abuse of their friendships, and I'm personally convinced that they don't want to do it. Especially when it comes to me, and I don't blame them.. I really should just shut up when shit bothers me. No good ever comes of venting anyways...

yeesh, Im a 13 year old emo kid....

Mistress Graves

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the Hell?

I'm browsing my own blog (cuz I'm a vain Asshole, sue me.) and I'm listening to my playlist, cuz i love these songs.

I blogged about that Otep song because I feel I relate to it. But the one on my playlist has differnt lines. Totally threw me off!

So ive found out the governer of my state is trying to cut library funding for the entire state in half. And as someone who works in a library, this is a heap'n help'n of son of a fuck. he's trying to rush the bill.. people all over my state is trying to rally to stop it... but come two weeks, i might lose a job that i really enjoy...

so ive had another set of incidents, im turning into quite the unlikeable bitch amongst my friends. Ive been trying to repair damage ive done in the past six months among my circle of friends here in SL.. but the damage seems really bad in some cases... its kinda deflating.. Just gotta keep trying so i dont lose what i have.

If you didn't notice, i threw in a random comment box to the side there. so i'd love for you people to use it. Comments are what really help motivate me to write on this more. lets me know people are actuallty out there.

Mistress Graves

Edit 20 seconds after: What the fuck? this isn't the same track on The Tsunami Bomb Cd i have! have they gotten back together or something?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new colt gets her legs

So an old prospect of mine has returned to SL.

Her name is Kristy. I met her when she was still just a regular old male.. At the time I didn’t collar easy and I introduced him to the wonderful world of being a sissy. He was instantly hooked and wore nothing but girly clothing. I was getting interested in him, but I found out that while I was not with him shortly after I met him, he met another mistress and got married.. I considered it a lost opportunity.

In any case. They both left second life, and Kristy came back. So she’s been hanging around the estate enjoying her freedom, and we got into the discussion of pony girls. We gave he an explanation and then I think Nolan gave her a free kit to try it with. I taught the cutie some of the basics on what a pony girl does and what she should know. I’m not an active pony player, but still, I have had the urge to at least try it.

After testing it out a bit, we took her to a pony far and tried to have her give me a tour. Sadly her Internet was acting up and tour was very short lived. Still, defiantly something I might try to do again., (in fact, I did with her femboy boyfriend Roz).

Mistress Graves.

Be careful in Dark Alleys

So I actually scened the other night.

I just love Ashe in this outfit and setup. Still his very boyish haircut. Not enough makeup to look excessively female. But dressed in just enough causal fem to be pretty, but showing just enough leg to drive men wild… Or in this case, me.

We were just talking as we normally do and I just couldn’t get over how he looked.. I started to plot and plan.. And an evil smile curled over my lips… I quickly vanishes away and Tp’d over to dark alley and started exploring… once I found a good spot.. I brought Ashe over… He looked around, and immediately sensed something wasn’t right. I quickly pinned him against the dumpster and began to tease and insult him.. How such a pretty sissy shouldn't’t be all alone in a place like this at this time of night.. Lightly fingering him as I shoved a crumpled ten into his coat pocket and told him that would be enough for a cheap fag whore like he was. I shove him to his knees and unzip my pants and show him Ive had my strap-on hidden. So there he is, on his knees in a filthy alley sucking away at my plastic cock.. He was red in the face and humiliated, but things got worse..

What appeared to be pair of aristocrats walked by, and the male looks at Ashe, on his knees sucking away when he say’s to his female cohort in utter disgust “Ugh, its humiliating to see what weaklings some men can be. What a sissy, he’s getting what he deserves..” That just amused me to no end, I yanked ashe back up to his feet by his hair and bend his ass over the dumpster, and forcefully fuck him up his ass. Laughing and teasing about what a asswhore he was and what a sissy fag he is… I just reamed him until he creamed his panties.

I never play the mean mistress, but I was just hooked. I collar and leash him and drag him down into the subway, and after a bit of wandering in the sewers I find a throne similar to mine.. I let the sissy boy have all the fun so I drop my pants and make him have a little use out of his tongue. I have my fun and have him bring me to orgasm before I shove him deeper into the sewers and went home…

A short scene.. But loads of fun.
Mistress Graves