Sunday, February 15, 2009

Always Check for a Wedding Band. (part II)

That little sign of submission while he was in bondage really started to show me what I had on my hands here. Much like Reanne before him, there was a great deal of promise in this one. I hadn't decided what kinda of sissy I would make him. I could always use my typical strategy and make him a simpering sissymaid. Because what lady doesn't love having a maid wait on them hand and foot? I admit that that the start of this, I had zero interest in keeping the boy.. But that inner conflict that shows in his face.. The humiliation of being abused... but that twinge of enjoyment in the back of their head, making the whole ordeal confusing and hard to stomach... I just love seeing it.. I feed off of it.. This game had to continue...

The boy had now spent several days in that cage with nothing but his cummy black nighty on to keep him warm and his dildo gag filling his mouth.. He hadn't gotten a decent meal while laying on that hardwood floor. His body was sore, his mind was weak, and he's had time to reflect on whats happened to him. He seemed to much more receptive. Ashe and myself popped the cage open and Kris demurely exitied and kneeled before me.. Before we can have anymore fun with the wretch, we needed to get some of his energy back up. I locked him by his leash and drug him over to my throne and proped my feet onto his back.. I do love a cushy footrest. Ashe went over and cleaned out the scrub bucket and filled with clean water. So the only means he had to drink the water was to suck it through his didlo gag. I scoffed and laughed at him as his face flushed with humiliation. I motioned for Ashe to to call Reanne home to prepare a meal for our new project. As ashe and Reanne went to work behind the counter, I stripped the boy down and had him start cleaning my floors. Telling him about his fate to be. Sipping on champagne I informed him that if he hasnt figured it out on his own, his life is no longer his. He is to be a slave, and is to have his body and mind reconditioned, and the sooner he accepted and went along with it, the more enjoyable the training would be. He didnt seem to be listening to me, he was much too focused on how hungry he was.

Now then, I don't how much hentai my readers follow, but i specificaly and am Fan of CG art from various japanese websites. Well, back when I was training another subbie by the name of Kit, she mentioned wanting do something in an image she saw.. When she described it, I knew the image immediatly, its by an artist who's site is sadly down by the name of Dusty Heaven. Well it never played out.. but this is image...
Now I am sure many of you can already see where this story is about to go. The meal that was to be prepared for Kris was to be a nice fresh salad. But wouldn't you know it? We were all out of dressing. Not to worry though, my handy Ashe and Reanne were on top of things. As Reanne began mixing some of the ingredients in a bowl, my sweet husband Ashe sunk to his knees to remove Reannes chastity cage. I took a break to check and see how the preperation was going to find Ashe ball deep around Reanne's prick, which thanks to the right testosterone enablers left her at a much more modest size. Since she was caged for a very long time, it didn't take exceptionally long to get Reanne to blow over the edge into the bowl. With a contented smile and a shrug of the shoulders, she proceeded to mix the contents together and properly toss the salad. I went to retrieve our little project and sat him down, and we presented a him a fresh ranch salad. Me and my girls had to bite down on our lips to the point of chomping through them, listening to our captive scarf down the salad. Its bad enough he was hammering it down, but it was even funnier to hear him say things like. "Is this homemade dressing? its so sweet and creamy!" Well, we let the boy eat until he got his fill. Ashe had to go, so Reanne and I dressed the boy in an adorable pink and white schoolie I like to give sissies..

We drug the boy down to the basement where we properly chained him to a horse. With Ashe gone and Reanne not recharged from the load he just blew, I began to pull up my plastic intruder around my hips much to the horror of lil Krissy. Forcing it into his mouth to start lubing it up I strolled arouund to his pantied bottom and began to tease his lil virgin road. I love to lightly graze it along the entry, it forces the poor boy to shiver, he can't deny that its a pleasurable feeling and it involentarily forces the boy to relax... it took mear minutes of teasing for the boy to relax and with that second of hesitation, I give him one hard thrust and pop into him. Like so many sissies before him he starts off crying in pain. The yelps of pain began to fade into soft whimpering, which then switched to quiet moans, then into pleasured wails. I smiled as I watched as the boy backed hungrily into me, griding his pantied prick into the horse as he did. This little spectecal got Reanne all reved up again and begain to plug Kris's mouth with her sissy prick again. We continued to rail him for a good hour, Reanne blew her load first and Kris obediently swallowed.. But just as he did he looked up at her with a familiar taste in his mouth that he couldn't quite put his finger on... He didn't have much time to think as my assult pushed him over the edge.

Silly sissy.. looks like he'd be spending another night in cummy panties.. and just after he got a changing. We lugged his limp body up to his cage as shame set in... left to wonder what was going to happen next.. Just like all of you are..

Miss Graves. (yes.. I'm still on that hiatus)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th.

I've never been one for slasher movies. I don't think I've ever seen any Friday the 13th all the way through, either. But the new one? Minus one bad oneliner, that was a pretty F'n sweet movie. Jason rules, now if only the movie was called Saturday the 14th so he could kill all the lovey dovey assholes I'm gonna have to talk to today.

Mistress Graves

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Always Check for a Wedding Band. (part I)

They say that time is like a river and history repeats.. "They" of course being SNES classic Secret of Mana. (I'm a gamer. Deal.)

For those of you who read my old blog back on the FFU page, you know about my lil Masterpiece, Reanne. Its funny how DeJeVu can feel brand new again.. Here's how it went down.

I was sitting at the FFU bar sipping away on probably something strong, when this strapping gent came in. Tall, broad shoulders, Short black buzzcut. He looked like he just got off on military leave.. Confident mother fucker he was too. He strolled right up to this biddy sitting next to me at the bar. His target had ripped fishnets, short skirt, black silky corset shirt and a fur jacket on. Probably figured this tart would be some easy ass, he introduced himself as Kris and then laid on a real thick routine trying to swoon her over... The mistake he made is he didn't check for a ring. This jackal was hitting on my Husband, Ashe.

Naturally, I was very sharp with this jerk, and he seemed very surprised.. Apparently he didn't have very many dominant women in his life, because he bent like a blade of grass in the wind.. I quickly started to run the whole "Vile sniveling worm" and brought this man to his knees, figuratively and literally. He seemed shaken, but showed signs of being submissive.. The wheels started turning around on this one. We began to tease him about how we haven't had a wild threeway in a long while.. his eyes completely lit up.

So we take this boy home and he's basically humping through his jeans. I command the boy to strip himself and as he peels off his pants, lo and behold this boy had on some VERY expensive nylons. Why does it always seem like the overly macho types are the easy targets? I motion for Ashe to unlock the cage we had setup in our home as I got all touchy feely with our prey.. Toying and teasing with him about how pretty they are and how much I love a strong man in sexy undies, trying to bring him to the edge and then with one swift push we had him trapped. This ogre was has some soft features, but he was far to rugged to make a passable sissy. So Ashe and myself decided that we were going to keep this one trapped in his cage for a while on a little starvation diet to thin out some of his muscle tone. Being stripped nude except for his sexy nylons he was bound to get cold. So being the kind loving mistress I am, I provided him with a cute lil black nighty and threw it in his cage. He cried and exclaimed he wouldn't wear it. Heh, We'd see about that.

He spent a while in that cage.. And I felt if he really wanted to get with my "wife" I thought, why not let him have a little fun.. When we found him he was nicely encased in the pretty nighty that we left for him. He was flushing with humiliation, but his twitching panties showed that he was enjoying his pretty clothing. Of course, I have already unveiled to him that there was more to Ashe than what he initially intended. I asked him what he would do if he were to tug down Ashe's panties only to find an erect cock staring him in the face. His reply? "I would worship it."

Well, I couldn't let an answer like that go without letting him test his word. Another kink of mine that some of you may know is have a real passion for Kinbaku Shibari, (complex Rope bondage). after a quick leashing we brought him down to our dungeon. He was either a bit malnourished or just unwilling to resist, but I quickly took him down and began to bind the ropes around him tightly. Typically, I like to knot them up in complex ties that bend the body. But I had both Ashe and Reanne, so I simply bound him in a simple suspended hogtie and I then quizzed him if he knew what a Bukkake meant.... The poor boy started flushing terribly. Maybe he knew what was about to happen, maybe he didn't. I didn't really care. Just so we didn't have to hear him complain, we made sure to slap a nice thick double ended cock gag into his mouth. Always an effective tool.

I then went and unlocked Reanne's chastity cage and plugged Ashe with his little helper. Since Reanne his still quite the guy when it comes to her sex drive she had no trouble brining herself to attention. Ashe needed to have his switch thrown up a few levels but then both of them were starting to really get reved up. I then went to work untying his arms and chest leaving him dangling in front of my two. Poor Kris had to watch in horror as my Pretty femboy and Busty shemale stroked their cocks in front of his face. He twisted and turned in the ropes trying to get himself out of the way. But as the boy struggled you could see himself grow and pop out of his panties. This of course brought me no ending of enjoyment. The real amusing bit is that the more excited my two got? The more excited he got. I leaned in while I still had time and teased about what a real man he must, all tied up in his pretty lingerie having a pair of guys (or what was once a guy) jerk off at his face. His breathing picked up as he became lost in the image of what was about to happen with him. I couldn't help but smile as he went totally rigid and started to shoot all over himself.. Giving a little more coaxing to my girls, they assisted in his little cream facial and sprayed their love all over him as well. As the excitement started to die down, you could see the poor boy dejected and deafeated.. Before he had the energy to continue, we re-leashed the whelp and slammed him back in his cage. To give him a nice long soak in his cummy panties.
This was the beginning of this little adventure. There is plenty more to come. *giggles*

Mistress Graves.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes I'm stupid...

I was going to write a post on my recent longterm project Krissy... but last night I had a bit of a falling out with a former sub, her sub, and one of my own. All due to a miscommunication. I feel awful about it to.. I just hate being spoken ill of. I try hard to make everyone happy, and I freaked over nothing.

I flew off the handle.. I was wrong and I know it... I'll get back to writing when I'm in a better place...

*sad kisses*
Graves (being called mistress sickens me right now.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

30 days of chastity.

Hello girls. I have a cute little femboy I would like you all to meet.

This adorable lil Femboy goes by the name of Imri. I met this one at the FFU not terrible long ago. Femboys have always caught my interest. Boys that look better when dressed and made up like girls rather than they were as boys. Anyways, I saw this cutie locked up in one of those shocking chasity belts and he was talking about how exciting it was to be caged up. I stressed to the dear it may be exciting. But ultimatly if you hold its keys, you are always safe. We then started to discuss ways to spice the experience up for her.

Then started the game. These toys can be programmed to administer an electric shock everytime a code word is uttered. So we programmed it so he would be shocked everytime he said no, don't, won't, or other such things of the like.. This way he can't deny any request that is given to him. He is forced to obey... But I can be greedy... And I told him lets spice it up by making so he gives me the key for 30 days. The Doll happily agreed and gave me the keys. I then quickly added more words that he would commonly hear that would administer more shocks.

For the most of the game, he took it in stride, and is very excited by his caged. But in the approaching 8 days (he is set for release on 4/14) he will start to go a bit more stir crazy... He seems pretty excited to get out of his electric steel prison.

What the poor dear didn't realize is as long as long as I hold his key, he really has no way out... And you didn't think I'd let a gem like this one slip through my fingers..

It will be very amusing to see how this sissyboy tries to get the key away from me.. Can anyone else hear a collar locking up..

Mistress Graves.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My first Little entry

So welcome to my first little post on this new blog. My Name is Mistress Graves. I am a regular person who has wandered their way into Second Life. And like so many others, I started to flex my more perverted side. It started off as a little exploration and before I knew it, I became a prolific feminizer at the prestigious Forced Feminization University. I don't consider myself to be anything great.. But back when the FFU had a website, I really resparked my passion for writing in the blog I had there. So I will now tell my tales here. But as I said, I'm just a regular person, so they all won't be about fucking and sucking.

For Example: Fuck the Steelers. That was the worst officating I have ever seen. Face it. The NFL fucking loves Shittsburg, and they can do no fucking wrong. So enjoy your 2nd freebie ring Douchenburger you dumbass friggen hillbilly.

Now, back to the subject. I primarily deal with Forced Feminization, Kinbaku Shibari, Chastity, and Sissy Maid Training. I am often Located at the FFU with my husband Ashe and my Personal Maid Reanne. Swing on up if you wish to see some of these tales firsthand.

Miss Graves.