Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Dilligent Maid.

I haven't been in the best of spirits lately (Shocker right?). So I haven't been Mistressing. My subs have taken their own pets so I'm left with more time to reflect...

In any case I went on a small vacation and in passing I said something to my maid about making sure they house stayed clean while I was away. I didn't mean anything much by it but she RP'd the whole thing in an empty house. A good read for you aspiring maids out there who need to work on their RP detail. This whole thing was written an in game RP'd by Reanne. Enjoy.

Part One: Dilemma

Reanne arrives home and quietly slips in through the front door...he stands in the foyer fro several moments soaking in the quietness..as his gaze drifts around the room a smile comes to his face as past memories of happenings in the house come flooding back to him

Reanne smiles happily at the memories..after several moments his thoughts return to the present and his attention focuses on a smudge on the glass coffee table left from someone’s drink..the sight of which causes him to remember his Mistress' wishes to make sure she returned to a clean house...not wanting to displease her he quickly rushes up to his room to change into more appropriate attire to begin his task

Reanne flicks on the light to his room and strolls over to his closet...as the doors slowly creak open, his eyes light up as he sees all his wonderfully pretty maid uniforms hanging all in a row...he pauses as stares in wonderment at the large collection

Reanne reaches out and fingers the lace of his favorite Edelweiss uniform admiring the fine craftsmanship..he is particularly delighted that he is lucky enough to owns several from there..the sound of petticoats rustling begins to fill the room as he slides the dresses on the hangers closely inspecting them all to determine which one he will wear tonight

Reanne smiles as his eyes drink in the delightful sight of all the frilly dresses with lots of lace and massive layers of petticoats..the back of his mind registers that these are dresses supposed to be worn by women and subservient women at that..a servant to be admired for her looks and ability to serve....the thought causes his mind to race and his heart to beat a bit faster

Reanne gaze settles on his pink Edelweiss uniform, the one whose skirt is just ever so slightly shorter than the others from the collection..showing just the slightest hint of thigh, enough to cause someone’s gaze to linger..but nearly short enough to be anything less than professional..

Reanne unconsciously bites his lower lip as he holds the pink maid's uniform at arms length in front of him..the sight of the poofy sleeves, the tapered waistline, the bouffant petticoats..all of it looking so sissily pretty causes him to squirm in anticipation of slipping it on..he begins to fidget nervously as he feels his excite build within him..causing his pants to suddenly feel very tight and restricting

Reanne gaily spins in a circle as he pulls the dress out of the closet and drapes it across the bed..as he looks at it laid out all nice and pretty his body fills with anticipation as he pictures it all in his head..the way the stocking will cling to his legs as he slides them on and snaps them into his garter belt...the soft embrace of the form fitting dress as he slides it on..the rustling of the petticoats and he steps into it and pulls them up and under his skirt..lost in his reverie he does even notice the unsightly bulge now prominently sticking out before him messing up the lines of his outfit

Reanne pulse begins to race and his face becomes flush as he imagines himself now fully dressed leaning over and slipping on his 5" Ncore heels..he lets out a soft sigh as he imagines the metallic click as he snaps the small padlocks in place on each one..ensuring he can’t remove them until his Mistress is satisfied with his work and gives him the key.

Reanne reaches down and begins to stroke himself through his dress at the thought of himself all sissied up in his maids uniform..a once proud jock, now wearing the frilliest and most subservient of outfits...a maid’s uniform....prancing around in high heels ..his sole purpose now to look pretty and be of service to any request...a wave of shame washes over him as he realizes he is rock hard and touching himself at the thought of himself being so girlie, wanting to look so feminine and pretty.., his only concern to serve and please others in any way..he sinks further into despair as he comes to the realization that even though he knows it is so wrong, he cant stop his thoughts and desires...he places his hands at his sides as he wants to stop…but even now he knows he is too far gone and his shame, which hits him like a ton of bricks, only intensifies his arousal

Reanne shame is complete when his cock suddenly erupts in his panties…untouched…just from the thought of putting on the frilly maids uniform..his face goes beet red as he is mortified when he shoots another unbidden warm load of cum into his panties at merely the shameful thought of how wrong this all should be to him. Totally stunned at what happened, he can only stand there stunned as he tries to come his senses….after a few minutes he begins to rip off his clothes….he carefully pulls off his panties and uses them to clean up the mess now slowly dripping down his thighs.

Reanne makes a fist, bunching the panties in his hand up into a tight ball. Feeling the damp squishiness of them in his hands, he becomes thoroughly disgusted with himself. He takes a deep breath to try to steady himself and at that moment he literally feels as if he is coming undone. Its as if two forces within him were vying for control of the very core of his being.

Reanne has the sudden overwhelming urge to just bolt and run naked from the house and just run as far away for here as possible..he knows he would have to suffer the humiliation of looking the ways he does to beg someone for some male clothes..but he rationalizes that it would only be a momentary humiliation‚and that once he found some baggy jeans and a bulky sweater he could wander SL and try to lead a vanilla lifestyle free of these..these compulsions.

Reanne seeming to have made up his mind, takes several steps towards the door before he pauses and turns to say goodbye to no one in particular‚and as he turns, his gaze is drawn back over to the pink maids uniform laid out on the bed. The sight of it, so pretty and shiny in the light, just laying there seems to somewhat calm his jangled nerves. A feeling of calmness begins to fill him the longer he stares at it and he smiles as he admires it..its delicateness and beauty seem to call out to him.

Reanne still feeling conflicted, obeys the call of the dress..he walks over to the bed almost as if he were in a daze. Reaching down he picks up the dress by its should pads and holds it up before him. As he takes it all in, the frilly apron, the ruffled skirt…he has a sudden urge to hold the dress tight against him to feel the soft silky material against his skin

Reanne holds the dress tightly against him..his body delights in the feeling of it so close and he sighs happily He looks towards the door and is vaguely reminded of his earlier thoughts to run away, but as he looks once again at the dress they quickly melt and fade away until they seem like a half-remembered dream. Soon all other thoughts drift away as he is consumed more and more with thoughts of slipping into his maid uniform.

Reanne no longer able to contain himself any longer, takes the dress off its hanger and begins to slide it on. The feeling of the soft material slipping over his smooth, the uniform perfectly tailored to his form, fitting him like a second skin cause him to sigh happily as he reaches behind him to zip up.
reagan Seidler: his skirt

Reanne slides on his stocking and then kneels over and slips into his heels. He then straightens up and stands before the full-length mirror as he pulls the frilly apron over his head and cinches it tightly in a pretty bow behind him. He admires himself in the mirror for several minutes as he inspects his uniform for any wrinkles or blemishes.

Reanne seeing himself fully dressed and ready fro service has an overwhelming sense of rightness at that moment in time flood over him. At that moment he knows however ashamed he ever may be of it, he will always be a sissy maid. That even if he were to do something as silly as try to run away from it..it would always be there eating at the back of his mind waiting..biding it time. In that moment he his true nature is exposed…that in his former life as a jock was always a fake overcompensating..he is and always was destined to crave being a sissy..to dress up in girlie outfits and to serve..the realization both shames and exhilarates him.

Reanne hangs his head in shame as he finally manages to look away from his image in the mirror..he turns and begins the long trek downstairs to begin fulfilling his housekeeping duties. His mood turns brighter as he imagines all the work ahead and the sexy poses he can practice as he bends over or stands on tiptoe and is secretly disappointed no one is home to notice.

Part 2: Sweeping up

Reanne begins to hum absentmindedly to himself as he rounds the corner into the kitchen..he kneels down and rummages through the cabinet under the sink to fish out the scrub pail

Reanne: ::he strolls over to the closet and grabs the straw broom leaning against the wall

Reanne clasps the push broom between his hands and begins to sweep the kitchen floor

Reanne pauses momentarily as he reaches the barstools..he grabs one to move it out of the way to sweep and is shocked to discover how heavy it feels to lift..he looks about wishing there were someone there to help him move the stools..he sighs at the realization that in his former life he could have picked up both at the same time..but he is now reduced to using both hands to strain to lift one a few inches off the floor

Reanne eventually moves both stools out of the kitchen area and resumes sweeping..he makes sure to first work his way around the baseboards working out dirt from the cracks and crevices where it normally likes to hide.

Reanne finishes up in the kitchen by sweeping the main area until all the dust is collected into one small pile in the center of the floor....Strolling over to the sink, he bends at the knees and kneels down to grab the dustpan stored there..as he leans forward to grab it he feels his stocking pull taut against this thighs as his garter straps pull tightly against them...the reminder of his stocking hugging his legs so snug cause him to smile to himself

Reanne snaps himself out of his reverie and grabs the dustpan before closing the cabinet doors with a soft thud..he walks over and sweeps up the mess on the floor and dumps it into the trash

Reanne surveys the kitchen floor looking for any spots he may have missed..finding none, he looks over at the barstools, sighs dejectedly and then drags them back into the kitchen

Reanne takes the broom and then goes on to work in the foyer..again starting by sweeping along the corners of the room first and then focusing his attention of the rest of the floor

Reanne moves on to the Jacuzzi room and begins to sweep the tile floor..however, he quickly becomes exasperated as his push broom seems to big to work in between the small ceramic tiles...struck by inspiration, he runs to the kitchen and fetches a small hand broom and returns...he then gets down onto his hands and knees...he once again delights in the feel of his stocking being pulled snugly by his garter belt

Reanne knees start to become numb as the coldness of the tiles seeps through his stocking and into his legs...he shakes his head to clear his thoughts and focuses on working the small hand broom between all the tiles

Reanne crawls all over the floor, making sure not to mess up his hose in the process..after giving the floor a thorough once over he sweeps the small pile of dirt up into the dustbin and dumps it into thrash

Reanne finally finished up with the downstairs sweeping moves on the 2nd level of the house..starting at the top of the stairs he sweeps them clean working his way back down to the first floor..after cleaning up the dirt, he glides back upstairs and begins to work on sweeping the living room

Reanne hands start to become sore from all the sweeping..he pauses for a moment and worriedly looks at his hands as he inspects them closely..his attention turns to his nails and he thinks he needs to make sure to re-polish his nails once he finishes cleaning, perhaps a nice French manicure..the thought of his nails looking long and perfectly polished re-energizes him and inspires him to work faster..he picks up the broom and finishes sweeping up the living room and move on to the Shibari room

Reanne makes sure to sweep closely around the shibari rack..he is not so surprised to see random strands of hair and small bits of cloth and rope

Reanne finishes up in the Shibari room then steps into Mistress' and Ashe's room..he stands there respectfully for a moment as he stares at their bed..he is suddenly reminded of the night long long ago when he and nikki got into trouble..his face turns red, but the memory further excites him..he smiles to himself and sweeps around the bed

Reanne finishes up on the 2nd floor by cleaning the other room and then the stairs leading to the 3rd floor

Reanne climbs the stairs to the 3rd floor and finishes up by sweeping the ramp areas. Once finished, he leans up against his broom and admires the not dirt free floors...he wipes his hands against his apron and once again catches sight of his nails and thinks perhaps a bright shade of pink instead of a French manicure? he isn’t quite sure

Reanne finishes up his chores that night by returning to the kitchen and fetching a pail from under the sink to give the floors a thorough scrubbing by hand...

Part 3: Tidying up

Reanne with a loud clanging rattle, pulls the metal pail out from under the sink and places it on the kitchen counter.

Reanne stands on tiptoe and leans over the sink and turns on the warm water..a shiver of excitement races through him as he feels the lacy petticoats dance up his leg and the garter straps press tight against his thighs, a constant reminder of the stockings encasing his legs

Reanne watches the water trickle through his fingers as he holds his hand under the faucet waiting for the water to warm. He then reaches over, hoists the pail into the sink and pours in a some cleaning solution.

Reanne fills the pail halfway full of warm soapy water, mindful of the fact that he isn’t as strong as he used to be. He then shuts off the water and waits for the last of the drops of water to settle in the pail.

Reanne eyes the pail for several minutes and then grabs it with both hands. With a loud groan and using most of his strength, he hoists the pail up and out of the sink setting it down on the floor. He shakes his hands out afterwards and is amazed at how delicate they have become as the wire handle really seemed to painful to hold with all the water in the pail.

Reanne surveys the floor and then gets down on his hands and knees next to the pail. His shivers slightly as the coolness of the tile floor seeps through his opaque white stockings and into his knees.

Reanne sticks his hand into the warm soapy water and fishes out the wooden scrub brush. He then takes the brush in both hands and using his body for leverage, begins to deep scrub the floor working his way back and forth by using his knees/thighs to thrust himself forwards and back

Reanne takes his time and slowly works his way down the length of the kitchen floor, when he reaches the end he scoots over to the next row and works his way back down to the other side. Slowly but surely, row by row he scrubs the tiles to a nice polished sheen.

Reanne finishes up the kitchen floor, he reaches out and grabs the countertop to help pull himself up off the floor. He stands there for several minutes, partly to make sure he didnt miss any spots on the floor in the kitchen, but also to give his now red and sore knees a rest.

Reanne turns and takes in the foyer area, his brow furrows as his eyes take in the rough stonework of the floor. His first thoughts are that he will have to be especially careful not to get any runs in his hose kneeling on the rough floor. He looks over at the couch and briefly entertains the idea of kneeling on a cushion until he thinks that a damaged cushion would be much worse than a damaged pair of hose.

Reanne once again gets down on his hands and knees and begins to scrub the foyer area. He makes sure work the scrub brush extra thoroughly between the grout until working out the brownish dirt splotches. Every so often he reaches over and drags the pail over a few feet closer to him. After what seems like ages, he finishes up and moves on to the tile floor in the Jacuzzi room.
reagan Seidler immediately stands up and inspects his hose for any rips and tears..he sighs in relief as he doesn’t find any but is disappointed to see dirty streaks about the knees. He makes a mental note to not let the floors get this dirty again and to immediately go change his hose to look more presentable.

Reanne returns to the kitchen, and with a small groan hoists the pail back up to the sink and pours our the now brown brackish water. Once empty, he again fills it with clean water and then pours in some soap oil to work on the wooden floors upstairs.

Reanne lugs the heavy pail of water up the stairs mindful not to spill any on the way up. He then runs upstairs, removes his heels and slips out of his now dirty hose. He feels a twinge in his panties and smiles to himself as he slides a silky new pair of white hose up his smoothly shaven legs. After snapping the garters back in place, he steps back into his heels and proceeds back down to the 2nd level to work the 1st floor stairwell, starting at the bottom and working his way up. Once finished, he turns his attention to the living room area.

Reanne loses track of time as he works his way from one end of the room to the other, meticulously the floorboards in the living room, shibari room and Mistress and Ashe’s room.

Reanne finishes up on the third floor scrubbing down the ramp to the pool area. As he scrubs the floor he is suddenly aware of the cool air washing over the back of his thighs as his skirt hikes up every so often as he scrubs back and forth. He feels a stirring down below as he catches a glimpse of himself in the window down on his hands and knees with his skirt occasionally hiking up in back.

Reanne reluctantly stands up when he is finished and carries the pail of water back to the kitchen and pours it out down the sink. He then cleans out the pail, washes out the sink, and places the pail back into the cabinet under the sink.
reagan Seidler finishes up on the floors by going back upstairs and vacuuming the carpeted bedrooms.

Reanne then pulls out his feather duster to begin working on dusting the house. As he begins, he catches a glimpse of himself in one of the windows and cant help but pause momentarily. Seeing himself standing there in his pretty pink maid uniform he blushes and smiles as he secretly admires himself in the window. Losing himself in the moment he begins to try to strike some sexy poses. Standing, legs straight, he bends at the waist causing his skirt to ride up dangerously high in back. He extends out his feather duster and then wiggles his hips suggestively. After striking several more poses, he comes back to his senses…feeling very foolish he pinches himself and rushes off to get back to work dusting.

Still here? Kudos to you. this was a long read.

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