Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dickship won’t hold together, Mr. Wongburger.

Heya Kiddies. I'm still here. Ive just been so busy I haven't had a chance to update. Its nice to see that some people are checking this out. No followers though, cept for maxie. I'll try to remember to put in shorter entrys to keep this moving..

So I actually conducted sort of a “scene” the other night. I had just come home from bowling league (bowling rules, fuck you. I bowled at 651 series), and I was talking to my maid Reanne at a store. I should probably point out that I was drunker than hell off of Rum and Ginger ale. Shortly after my Husband Ashe popped over, and so did my recent trainee Krissy. Ashe was scrolling through outfits when he tossed on something very pink and flowing. He passed to a new outfit and I requested he put on something frilly. “But why?” he said to me. Silly sissy boy, you never learn not to question me. “Because I SAID so, how about that?” Its funny how the slightest little thing can flip my mistress switch. Something about seeing my husband dressed in sissy frills, and my maid and trainee in sexy threads just set me off. We scurried home and started to ask my girls about how much they’d love a wild three way. Reanne couldn’t say but krissy seemed into the idea.

I asked Ashe if he knew what a fluffer was he said he thought so. So I asked him to show me. He always gets so timid when he is forced to serve so we chained him up to the bed, and Krissy decided to help herself to get her prick some attention. She’s only been on hormones for a short time now, so her tool should still be quite functional. While Ashe brought Krissy to attention, I slipped to my red silky undies and pulled on my pink strap on. Gliding over to the side of the bed I instructed Ashe to come lube up my tool. Of course, the lure of something so girly was too strong for Krissy as well, and she sunk to her knees to help Ashe as she kept herself nice and hard. After a little bit of foreplay, I quickly pulled Ashe to the bed.

I have only tagged Ashe with my strapon a couple of times. And he’s not very keen on the idea of being fucked by a guy. He and Reanne haven’t even had that kinda play either. They sucked each others cocks enough times. But he does have quite the sensitive ass, so it didn’t take very much to get him to spread open for me to start railing him.. He didn’t know what I had planned for him, I sunk my nails into his ass, gave him a firm stretch, and gave Krissy the nod. Poor Ashely, his eyes grew wide with shock and fear but before he had the opportunity to fight it, Krissy really stretched her way into Ashe. Took a little bit of poking, needing to use the drag from my strapon to press his way in, but after a bit of work we managed to pump our way into him.

Ashe is very sensitive when you stimulate that area of him. So it didn’t take a very long assault before he blew his juices. Sadly it was already getting kind of late. So after a few minutes of cuddling with Ashe, I let Krissy take my place. Short story I know, but it happened about as fast as this read..

Mistress Graves

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  1. The cuddling is very sweet and often the best part. Great story!