Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breaking in a new one.

Its funny how the lure of feminization hits some guys. Earlier in my hiatus I was wandering around to various different sims to maybe see if there were any new playgrounds to play in for my return. One place I frequented a bit was this sim called Bukkake Bliss. I of COURSE was not left alone for very long, pretty woman flying solo at a bukkake joint? I managed to fend off a lot of the advances, but there was one there named Kyle, who was particularly interested in what it was that I do. He’s your stereotypical bling thug. Baggy jeans, backwards hat and some kinda baseball jersey if I remember right. Tons of bling on his neck and wrists. He just couldn’t understand why guys wanted to be forced to be women. So I gave him a crash course in proper rp and what exactly feminization was. He stressed to me that he was totally straight and not at all interested in doing anything that would be gay.

But he really seemed interested in keeping my company. So I told him why not try some little things, like wear a bra and panties and stockings under his clothing. He was shocked by how turned on he was by this, and he continued to I’m me looking for more. So I took him to a small place called Likka House and got him a pretty pale blue maid type dress. He didn’t want to really wear it but he slipped into it. He looked goofy with his short boyish hair and frame with his dress. So I had him demonstrate how he things a girl should put on makeup. Kaylee (as he’s now called) struggled a bit but was getting really into gussying himself up. The end result was some sloppy makeup a boy would do. Cant blame him for that though.

Suddenly he’s found himself very submissive, unable to resist peoples orders. One night while relaxing in the hot tub with Ashe I brought him up to serve us wine.. He seemed helpless to deny orders, so I decided it might be a good time to train him to do what sissies do best. Suck cock. We took him over the fur rug, plugged Ashe with his favorite toy and let the boy go to work. And how eager he was to suck his first cock. He tried really hard to get Ashe to blow his load and he swallowed every drop. The makings of a real slut on our hands.

I tell every male that approaches me, that feminization is one of the most addicting drugs a male can take part in.. They never believe me…. And they end up bound by its curse.. Its kinda sad in one light.

But then again, I have one less chore to do and one more maid to do it.

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  1. Are sissys bound? Or, are they finally released to become who they really are?