Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping my maids skills sharp.

See, I told ya I'd keep posting.

I can be pretty lazy. Despite the fact I work multiple jobs in RL, there is nothing I enjoy more then just spending a relaxing day lounging around my home. The same can be said for my SL. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to play the mistress. Even more so now with this bit of hiatus. So after a day of work I come home and decide I want to slip into my favorite silky undies and bum around our loft. I summon and Ashe and Reanne and tell them to get into uniform. I have Reanne get me a nice glass of wine while I lounge on the couch.

As we know, I train maids. And my focuses on maid ethics boil to three Main aspects: Domestics, Services, and Discipline. This girls certainly have no shortage of domestics tasks with me, and DEFINATLY no shortage of discipline. Sadly though is I don’t have over very many guests. And proper sissy maids must have well rounded skills and be very prepared to Service ANY order.

For those who followed my old blog, Reanne’s first attempt to service did not go very well. My friend Talon was more interested in getting use from Reanne’s lips from getting served tea. Reanne was very shaken by this, and not well prepared, and the end result was a fairly lack luster blowjob. Reanne has become much more disciplined in her services, having been rented out before. Ashe however, has not had that level of training.

So as I sipped my wine, I decided I would like some entertainment and instructed them to go over some kissing drills to entertain me. This are good because it really helps a maid work on their detail, and it helps bringing down there inhibitions. Reanne had no struggle with leaning in and going to work on Ashe. Ashe however got very nervous and didn’t want to do it. But with a bit of tongue and rubbing of the hands he started to get into it. It truly is a beautifully sexy seen to see two pretty maids making out with each over. But I can be a bit of a devil, and just as they really started to get aroused by all of it. I break the kissing, and tell them to prepare my massage. You can decide for yourself who is most bothered by that. Ashe, who isn’t at all feminized in his body and is free to get as aroused as desired? Or Reanne, who has her clitty locked away in chastity and unable to do anything with the frustration? I love doing little exercises like this.

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  1. It is a beautiful site to behold two sissy maids kissing. Bravo Mistress!