Friday, February 6, 2009

My first Little entry

So welcome to my first little post on this new blog. My Name is Mistress Graves. I am a regular person who has wandered their way into Second Life. And like so many others, I started to flex my more perverted side. It started off as a little exploration and before I knew it, I became a prolific feminizer at the prestigious Forced Feminization University. I don't consider myself to be anything great.. But back when the FFU had a website, I really resparked my passion for writing in the blog I had there. So I will now tell my tales here. But as I said, I'm just a regular person, so they all won't be about fucking and sucking.

For Example: Fuck the Steelers. That was the worst officating I have ever seen. Face it. The NFL fucking loves Shittsburg, and they can do no fucking wrong. So enjoy your 2nd freebie ring Douchenburger you dumbass friggen hillbilly.

Now, back to the subject. I primarily deal with Forced Feminization, Kinbaku Shibari, Chastity, and Sissy Maid Training. I am often Located at the FFU with my husband Ashe and my Personal Maid Reanne. Swing on up if you wish to see some of these tales firsthand.

Miss Graves.


  1. Jeremy, jremy314@yahoo.comJanuary 16, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    Thank You, Mistress for writing this blog! I was tooling around the internet and found this wonderful thing called sissy maids. I really had no idea what sissy maids are and now I am hooked. I would love to be one. I am new to second life, forced feminization, and sissy maid training. I hope to meet you on second life one day. I plan on reading all of your entries, this is all so new and exciting.

  2. I am not all that hard to find hun, I'm usually in the same sim all the time.