Saturday, February 7, 2009

30 days of chastity.

Hello girls. I have a cute little femboy I would like you all to meet.

This adorable lil Femboy goes by the name of Imri. I met this one at the FFU not terrible long ago. Femboys have always caught my interest. Boys that look better when dressed and made up like girls rather than they were as boys. Anyways, I saw this cutie locked up in one of those shocking chasity belts and he was talking about how exciting it was to be caged up. I stressed to the dear it may be exciting. But ultimatly if you hold its keys, you are always safe. We then started to discuss ways to spice the experience up for her.

Then started the game. These toys can be programmed to administer an electric shock everytime a code word is uttered. So we programmed it so he would be shocked everytime he said no, don't, won't, or other such things of the like.. This way he can't deny any request that is given to him. He is forced to obey... But I can be greedy... And I told him lets spice it up by making so he gives me the key for 30 days. The Doll happily agreed and gave me the keys. I then quickly added more words that he would commonly hear that would administer more shocks.

For the most of the game, he took it in stride, and is very excited by his caged. But in the approaching 8 days (he is set for release on 4/14) he will start to go a bit more stir crazy... He seems pretty excited to get out of his electric steel prison.

What the poor dear didn't realize is as long as long as I hold his key, he really has no way out... And you didn't think I'd let a gem like this one slip through my fingers..

It will be very amusing to see how this sissyboy tries to get the key away from me.. Can anyone else hear a collar locking up..

Mistress Graves.


  1. Sweet! That is truly an awesome story. i hope her training goes well. i can't wait to read more.

    Thank You, Mistress for writing these posts.

  2. A great read, enjoyed it ...from a fellow femboy! :)