Monday, January 30, 2012

I can't believe this needs to be said.

Ok boys. Let me give you a tip. If you come wandering into a free sex sim, or a some femdom location, or a feminization area looking like this?????

Or like this?
  Or like this?

Then chances are you aren't going to get the time of day from the 10 in the room, or even the 8's. or even the 4's if they had any self respect. The look may work if you are looking to get into a free sex place and looking to hop on a poseball and get your spunk out, and if thats all you are trying to do then fine. But what bothers me about this is there are people who are in Second Life who still look like this after their profile exceeds 1000 days. You shouldn't look like this after 30 days. There are about 18 billion male avatars in SL and all of them use the same skin and hair. Its totally unacceptable.

I understand some people don't want to put in money into SL. I'm not unsympathetic, I'm the same way. Most of my looks are completely free as well, but if I can toot my horn I think I look damn good.  Here's the deal, If you are looking to land that hot mistress, or girl, or whatever. You have to present yourself. Especially with the feminization racket. If you don't look like you are going to put any effort into your male look, why would anyone assume that you are going to try when you are made into a girl?

So let me give you guys the two basics I give to everyone who comes to SL.

For the guys:

For Everyone ( but mainly Girls):

If you check these two pages everytime you log into SL, within no time for no money you will establish yourself a nice little inventory of stuff to go through, you really only need like 7 good outfits to impress anyone to show that you mix things up but never stop collecting. It will go a long way. Getting a AO helps as well.

And now a quick me update. I haven't been able to get onto SL as much as I would like lately, I've been going back to school for my masters degree and its really kicking my ass and showing how much of a dimwit I really am. I'm struggling to keep up but another B- and my ass could be kicked from campus. Ugh.

My loyal pet Reanne, as most of you know from this blog, finally got fed up with my shit and kicked me to the curb. I'm still pretty broken up about it but what can you do. She loved her mistress. I just became who I've always been and she finally got tired of waiting and told me to hit the bricks. It sucks but there's really nothing I can do about it.

Maxie and her RL wife had a kid! So She hasn't been on all that much because her kid from what I hear is ever bit of a spitfire that Maxie is, so she's keeping daddy on her toes. :)

Nina had dumped me too at one point but she came back after hammering out what it is that needs to change in our relationship. I really have been making an effort here because I know what a lazy fuck up I've been but with the school thing its been really hard to make time to do anything. He's been really patient and I'm glad he's stuck around. If he didn't there really would be no reason for me to come back to SL with Maxie gone all the time. Although he's been flexing some domme roots and trying to get me to sub a bit more. I'm not wholly against the idea but I've been Mistress Graves for so long and built this image of myself its hard to be seen that way.

I have missed training maids and new sissies, but the FFU is all but dead these days with Jori's new horror rape place. Because of this you rarely find that choice sub that would make for a great trainee. I keep my eyes peeled but I don't think I'll see anyone soon.

Keep it Frilly bitches.
Mistress Graves.

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  1. jeremy (aka jenna)February 8, 2012 at 8:23 PM

    Dear Mistress Graves,

    Thank you for writing an update about yourself. Believe it or not, there are those of us that follow You and are dying to know what Your daily life is like. It is so wonderful to hear about You getting Your Masters degree. You will not regret it. It is challenging and the rewards aren't that great to be honest, but You will feel 1000 times better about Yourself after this accomplishment...and it is an accomplishment.

    We are chearing You Mistress. Yay for Mistress Graves. Don't stop!

    Sincerely Yours,