Monday, April 5, 2010

For all you aspiring maids and sissies...

Hello there kiddies. For those of you who don't know, My pet Maxie has done something I have struggled with in my two years of mistressing at the FFU. She's finally gotten some focuse RP going along at the FFU, in the form of the FFU classes. There seems to be a slowly building a small following and it looks like the students are enjoying them. We are trying to get more professors as well.

Which brings me to this post. As you all know, i specialize in the training of Sissy maids. I have been on the fence if I wanted to produce a lesson plan for the subject because i dont know if there is interest. So for all you readers in SL that would like to sharpen your Maid training or looking to start your sissy maid training. Or your non SL users who are looking for a Sissymaid RP experience. Feel free to come down to the FFU and give some input if you would like to enroll in such a class. if there is enough interest I will start constructing my lesson plan to make it more interactive.

So come on down to the FFU and pick yourself up a school uniform! Then head to the FFU lounge and put a note in the suggestion box. Or if i happen to be there, feel free to talk to me. Come on boys, you know you want this.

Mistress Graves.

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  1. Oh yes i need training! i am a *bit* of a slut and need some ettiquite lessons.