Sunday, January 3, 2010

Every Boy should be a Maid.

Since all of my subs are either taking their own subs, or subbing some of my own, I've found myself with a bit of free time.

I've been getting back into the swing of things, and clearly I have been getting back into some things I do best. Since Ive been sitting on a large number of these. I am just going to rifle through these experiences.

First we have this cutie lil blondie named Thor. He recently got feminized and I was commenting on how cute he was, but he was still playing off that he looked like a boy. Ahhhh, denial. This was about before I started domming again and he asked if there was anything he could to assist me. Playing it off like it was nothing, I mention to the boy that since my subs have been out my house has fallen a bit into disarray. So I bring the poor boy home and tell him that I don't want him to get his nice clothes dirty. Luckily, the boy is about my husband Ashe's size and that he can probably fit into one of his uniforms. Oh the look on the soon to be sissy's face when he realized the uniform in question was a French maid outfit. Since I had already pilfered his clothes while he was looking in the uniform. With no other clothes in site the boy weakly minces into the room and i ask him to take care of the floors. with a giggle i snapped a few shots of him bent over, wearing panties and all scrubbing my floor. He begged me not to show anyone the pictures and I told him I wouldn't unless he could give me a proper shoe shining. I gotta tell you, there is nothing better than seeing a simpering sissymaid licking your boots clean. Well, except maybe when you tease them with your free heel and make them cream their panties, like what happened with this one...

And I was in fact, true to my word and nobody saw those pictures. The problem for poor Thorina as he affectionately came to be called is that as long as I had them, I had the ability to keep making him do it. One such occasion is when I had a close friend of mine in Mistress Romano come over to visit. Clearly I couldn't have just one maid on duty so, although very rough and untrained, myself and Soren had Thorina suit up. They got through the basic service needs with little issue, but Trish quickly picked up that the boy was not a trained maid, nor was he happy about having to be one in front of someone. I sympathize but the deal I made was to not show the pictures. He didn't say a thing about anyone seeing him dressed that way. Miss Romano pulled him up to our spare bedroom and wanted to see his service skills in action, the poor little whelp was so overwhelmed by miss Romano's tone that he obeyed and slowly slunk to his knees.. It was cute the way he handled and looked at Soren's sissycock, not really knowing what to do with it. It was a very clumsy and boyish blowjob, but he did eventually get Soren off. Soren was at least nice enough to reciprocate. I guess this locks Thorina into his new role as a sissy for good, seeing as how he has now blown another sissyboy.

He performed well enough to appease Miss Romano, but not me. He ended up spending the night in bondage, but we forced him to work on his services training as well. How would one do that you might ask? Well, one of the more entertaining forms of service training I implement is Kissing drills. Its a wonderfully humiliating experience for the new sissy, who is not up to the task of making out with other boys yet. But tied up as he was, he was unable to fend off the advances of soren. I let the two of them make out till Thorina was ready to cream his panties, then I pull them apart. This leaves the poor sissy confused and horned up, wondering why they got so turned on by making out with another sissy.. Sending them further down the rabbit hole.. *chuckles*

Speaking of Soren, his training was going swimmingly as well. And around the time he started to develop I began to maid train Nolan again, and Reanne returned to it as well. With all my maids bustling around the house, I thought this might be a good opportunity to turn a curtsy drill into a fun little game. I had my maids run downstairs and get three wine glasses full of water on serving trays and to present themselves upstairs. With Maxie and I judging, their objective was to continue to curtsy until A.) one of the other maids collapsed, unable to continue to do so. or B.) if one of the maids dropped all three glasses. Maxie was keeping watch to see if any maid got too off on her form, or if they weren't curtsying enough. If she caught that she would get up and knock off glass. The three of them started very well and it was interesting to see how it would unfold. Reanne has been my head maid for near 2 years and has had lots of practice in curtsies but has not done it in a long while. Soren was freshly practiced in it but had been doing drills and working more so his endurance might be lacking. And Nolan hasn't done much of them so he might tired out as well. The three of them were going at a fairly steady pace. Reanne kept a good form but Soren was defiantly doing more of them. Nolan got a little lazy, trying to think he could outlast the two but Maxie quickly made a example of that by knocking one of his glasses to the floor. Reanne then followed suit, forgetting how hard it was to continue to curtsy in the steep heels from N-core I made them wear, and a slight bobble of his ankle caused a wineglass to hit the ground as well. After that bit of a shakeup they kept going at a fair pace and it really seemed like Soren was going to win it. but as luck would have it, some stray bead of sweat trickled down his face, causing him to sneeze and drop his tray. Clearly he had more work to do in that area. So as punishment for losing, he has to have an immediate harsh services training session with the two winners. Since Reanne had to run, Maxi took her place and He and Nolan gave Soren quite the workout in the spare bedroom as we watched on.

But I did notice that Nolan is having some trouble getting along with the other maids, and since I do like to have an number of them running around the house at any given point I felt that he needed to work with Soren in a bit of a team building exercises. It took a little work but I managed to clip their open collars together by a very short chain, and then manage to chain together their X-cite vibrating butt plugs together as well. I fired the two of them up and sent them off to work. the very short distance on the chains forced to two of them to try to work together, under the orders of punishment if they let one of their plugs fall out of them. They managed to get the first floor dusted with fairly little issue and they did eventually start working as a team.

But there was one minor snag in the plan. Like most sissies are, they got very horned up by having those buzzing inside of them.. Reanne informed me when she returned home that they were getting a little handsy in the guest room instead of working. They denied it of course but when I lost me heels and followed reanne upstairs, sure enough, there they were all but making out. Needless to say I stepped in and decided if they were going to fool around, then they were going to do it my way. Soren a few weeks prior to this came over to a beach party at Mistress Skizms we were at and presented to me a chastity cage. with a nonchalant motion i quickly locked her sissyprick up and tossed the "key" into the ocean. He has been very frustrated. Services is one of Nolan's weakest areas because despite his appearance and mannerisms, he still feels he is very much a boy. So I set the following rules, He was to give Soren his first prostate milking/Girly orgasm, or they would both be locked into chasitity permanently. He had one hour to do it, and could not use his hands. Begrudgingly he knew what he had to do, and tried to get soren off by tossing his salad, as it were. It was very amusing for me and Reanne to see how disgusted he was by the whole ordeal but still managed to push his tongue as deep as he could reach to try to please him. they managed to dodge permanent Chastity, but its not the last time he's going to have to work on his maid services.

Whew... that was a mouthful. I am always up for teaching sissies the proper ethics of becoming a maid so all you aspiring SL sissies, swing by the FFU and I can help you get started. More to come.....


Mistress Graves.


  1. This is lovely and so true.

  2. this is my account name on second life i want to be youre boy maid

  3. OMG what a sweeeeeet story! Its a good thing i'm not in chastity now. This story is amazing and will get me through the lonely nights. :)

  4. That was great. I loved it.I'm a sub myself and have recently been doing maid service for some of my controllers and I enjoy it very much.